• General translation – guidebooks, academic documentation, web sites, brochures, letters, emails, recommendation letters, minutes of meetings, etc.
  • Legal translation – agreements, trial documentations, incorporation of companies, auditing reports, statutes, annual reports, financial statements, business documentation, criminal and civil documentation, etc.
  • Financial translation – annual reports, annual accounts, PowerPoint presentations, agreements, balance sheets, investment reports, investment recommendations, business plans, etc.
  • Sworn translation – birth certificates, marriage certificates, family books, divorce certificates, change of name certificate, change of surname certificate, census certificates, criminal record certificates, residence permits, passports, ID cards, driver license, etc.) and certifications of studies (diplomas, academic certificate, academic record, curricula). Powers of attorney, agreements, articles of incorporations, statutes, certificates from the Commercial Register, patents, sentences, trial documentation, etc.
  • Technical documentation – analytical reports, clinical trials, etc.



















  • Sworn interpretation – trials, police premises, weddings, events at the Civil Registry, criminal cases, etc.
  • Whispered interpretation (chouchotage) and accompanying interpreting – small meetings, guided tours, business meals, exhibitions, cultural events, etc.
  • Liason interpreting – business meetings, business meals, bilateral meetings, etc.
  • Consecutive interpreting – meetings, trials, interviews, etc.
  • Simultaneous interpreting – congress, conferences, big meetings, etc.